Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

English is the new Latin

Photograph taken in a public park in Tehran in March 2017:

The bird's name is given in three versions - Farsi Tuti touġdār, Scientific Psittacula krameri, and in what is labelled "Latin", but what is clearly English: Rose-ringe parakeet. (And let's just let it slide that there's a typo and the name ought to be written "Rose-ringed parakeet").

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Aidan Kehoe hat gesagt…

Hah. They gave the Latin too, and with a good and reasonable description as the scientific name! I blame the Californians, for the preference for the name ‘Latin’ for the previously Roman alphabet. There is no variant of Persian usually written in Roman script, so I can’t fault them for attempting to choose a reasonable term to describe the non-Perso-Arabic-script name for the bird, and, in all probability, they weren't aware that it was an English-only name.

Hans hat gesagt…

It's actually "Latin Alphabet" in many languages (e.g also German and Russian), and if I believe the Farsi Wikipedia, they're also called Latin letters (حروف لاتین)in Farsi. So you're probably right, that is the reason for the mistake!